Wednesday League at Virtues Golf Club

Welcome to the Wednesday League at Virtues Golf Club, where camaraderie meets competition on the greens. Our league offers an exciting format for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. Join us for a season of memorable moments and friendly rivalries!

League Details

  • Format: 2-person teams, handicap match play, 10 points
  • Starting Time: Team tee times start at 5 pm on Wednesdays
  • Practice Round: May 8, 2024
  • Week 1: May 15
  • Bye Week: July 3
  • Last Week: September 5
  • League Round-Up: October 20* at 11 am (date subject to change)
  • Maximum Teams: Limited to 12 teams
  • League Fee: $100 per team
  • Prepay League: Teams are required to prepay for the full 18-week league ($405) before Week 1. This includes 18 weeks of 9-hole play and the 18-hole league round-up on October 20, 2024.

League Organizers

  • Dan Mount – (740) 818-5052
  • Daryl Porter – (740) 819-4274

League E-mail 05082024

Next week (Wed. May 15th) will be the official start. I am working on schedules and tee times and I hope to have those all finished for the whole season within the next couple of days. I believe that the pro shop is going to have a tab on the Virtues website so that you can click on that and gather
information as you need it. That would include your playing group, tee time, and hopefully a running tabulation of league standings. The standings / points may run a week behind depending on how quickly I get all of the scorecards for tabulation.
Keep in mind that if your team is going to miss a week of play on Wednesday you would have until that following Sunday to make up the round. Those cards can be left at the pro shop desk. If you are going to miss a round please try and notify myself, the pro shop, or your playing partners such that we can adjust foursomes as needed.
This has been a source of confusion in the past. If your opponent does not show up for his round and you are placed with another group to make an even foursome, you are still scored against the team you were originally scheduled to play. Dan and I received lots of questions as to why folks were paired up more than once during the season or not at all.
In order to keep proper pace of play we try to send out foursome whenever possible. Some folks are just unable to make their scheduled round on Wednesday but if they play that round prior to Sunday evening they are not penalized for this.
There are a few important reminders and changes to league play for this year.
  1. The maximum score on any hole has been increased to triple-bogey max. For example on a par 3 hole, if you find yourself in a position where you have had to take a penalty and are still working towards finishing the hole you may pick up your ball and record a “6” for your score. This is a change from previous years in the league.
  2. Men will play from the White tees. Women will play from the Red tees. Seniors (age 65 and older) may choose to play from the Gold tees.
  3.  Preferred lies are in play in both in the fairway and in the rough. However, please do not change the conditions in which your ball comes to rest. If your ball lies in the rough you may not improve that to a fairway lie. Balls coming to rest in the bunkers may be raked and placed. Balls coming to rest in a bunker that has standing water may be moved out of the bunker no closer to the hole but please confirm this with your playing partners prior to this move.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to Dan or I. Dan travels a good bit so you might get a quicker response from me but we will always try and get back to anyone
ASAP who may have a question.

League Information

All league details, including tee times, standings, golfer handicaps, and more, will be posted below: